For readers who loved the Lord of the Rings and The Chronicles of Narnia will revel in the majesty of Eternity’s Account: Stones of Fire by Julie Bryson and Catherine Sharpe. This expansive epic charts the inception of good and evil, unveiling the unseen world, a parallel universe where a final battle is about to erupt. In a rush of action, twelve children are pulled into the Book of Tabniyth’od and taken into the First Age before time was established. There they meet Owr, the master creator. After a tour of the five planets known as the Stones of Fire, they are granted permission to witness firsthand the events of life unfold. As the children watch, evil invades the universe and sides are chosen between masters. Through their experiences, they learn to recognize primal patterns that will ultimately repeat. In fact, their very existence will depend on these patterns. Come what may, they must understand the grand design in order to understand their enemy and the ties that bind.

“Together, we are in our full glory, we are Owr. It is our intention that you learn the Story of Old so that the story might be completed by your generation. You will be the royal leaders of your era and must learn the patterns in the story in order to survive.”

Welcome to our world! Our goal with the Eternity's Account Series is to take you back to where it all began, as we weave fact through fiction. Welcome aboard and buckle up...your view of the world you live in will NEVER BE THE SAME!
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