By Stephen Sulyok (Melbourne Australia)

I loved the book and I am very much looking forward reading the rest of the series. I enjoyed the word-pictures created throughout the book as they made for an easy read. The development of the characters was excellent. I have been quite taken by the children and I love the way the authors have melded both the ‘historical’ story with that of the children’s stories
Thanks – I can’t wait for the next one… 🙂

By Peggy J. Buzby (Pennsylvania)

If you have ever listened to Chuck Missler or have taken any KI classes, you will recognize some similarities. The authors do a great job of showing how a higher authority can communicate via patterns, and symbols as well as the written word. The themes are deeper sometime than mere words can express. Great job.

By Joseph E. Simmons Jr. (Las Vegas, Nevada)

I received this book on the 28th of January. Since I was already reading two books simultaneously, I had made the decision not to read “Eternity’s Account” until I finished the two books. Unfortunately, curiosity got the best of me. Several days ago, I sat down in my home office and the book caught my eye. I decided I would simply peruse the book. Well, my perusal resulted in my initially reading the first four chapters of the book. I couldn’t believe it! The book immediately caught my imagination as I actually felt like I was viewing the universe before it was subject to the confines of space and time. I had a major decision to make. Either finish reading the other two books or put them on hold and read, “Eternity’s Account (The Stones of Fire)”. As you may have guessed, I decided to make “Stones of Fire” the priority read and finished it yesterday.
The authors, Julie Bryson and Catherine Sharpe, were ingenious in their usage of various metaphors and imagery to depict a universe which existed outside of the space and time realm. Their depiction of extraterrestrials (angelic beings) who are engaged in the classic war of good verses evil and are subject to the Supreme Triad Being who created them made for a highly thought provoking and very entertaining read. Additionally, the “stones of fire”, is clearly being referred to as shining planets in the cosmos. The extraterrestrials traverse amongst these stones of fire in which the top angelic being amongst them, and his followers, choose to make a prideful attempt to over throw the Creator and establish a kingdom above Him. I actually imagined scenes in the genre of the recent Star Trek movie in which these angelic beings battle against each other. This is how powerful the creative writing of the authors is in causing the reader to feel like they are in the story. You will feel like you are part of a holograph in which a story is being simultaneously projected and told. Excellent reading!! Excellent writing!!

By Russell Fleig (Louisiana)

I am not a big reader but I am glad I got this book. It is a fantastic read! The authors’ wrap so much meanings into its pages it keeps me guessing. While I read, I am constantly looking for parallels. It took me a few chapters to realize that the names are in Hebrew and that they have underlying meanings. A wonderful surprise about Eternity’s Account is that the story keeps my attention even when I don’t catch the subtle hints. I believe the more you know your Bible, the more you will enjoy this book. I also appreciate how the children are used in the story to explain some of the events. It makes it easier for me to wrap my head around the bigger points. I will probably read it a second time to catch whatever I might have missed during the first read. It is interesting enough to read a second time.

I would highly recommend this book for all ages! There is so much happening between the pages; it is suitable for everyone.

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