Utterly breathtaking and full of action, Kingdom Lost, the second book in the Eternity’s Account series, takes over where Stones of Fire left off. In it, noted Christian fantasy authors Julie Bryson and Catherine Sharpe delve deeper into the spiritual realms. Fixed in the First Age, twelve children met Owr, the master creator, and watched as future events unfolded before them. They continue to witness an epic battle brew and an old nemesis continues his pestering ways. Now Nakal, previously known as Sar, enters Aphar in an attempt to steal the kingship from Pelos. The children watch the shaping of the universe as Pelos plays into Nakal’s hand. With one fatal decision, his life transforms and the world is forever changed. The reader will undoubtedly yearn for the truth only found in the Word of God and begin to realize that this life is a series of repeating patterns designed before the foundations of the world.

“Nakal’s fate is sealed. The Second Age is the link connecting eternity to eternity.”

Welcome to our world! Our goal with the Eternity's Account Series is to take you back to where it all began, as we weave fact through fiction. Welcome aboard and buckle up...your view of the world you live in will NEVER BE THE SAME!
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